The Group Nor is recognised as a Research Group by the Basque Government, made up of professors who have been working jointly on projects, as well as for new researchers. Its main research interests are: the structure of communication and local television in the Basque Country; television minority languages in Europe (both regional as immigration languages); and communication and collective identity. LEARN MORE >

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Authors: Amezaga Albizu, Josu

Chapter title: Audientziak aztertzeko sistema: burutzeke dugun erronka

Book title: Euskal hedabideen urtekaria 2021 (pp. 147–162).

Publisher: Hekimen

Publishers place: Andoain


By Using Basque I Feel ‘real Me’ In Instagram’. Metalinguistic Reflections On Language Stylistic Choices Among The Basque Youth

Authors: Jokin Aiestaran Etxabe, Miren Agurtzane Elorduy Urquiza

Conference title: International Conference Minority Languages