About NOR research group

The Group Nor is recognised as a Research Group by the Basque Government, made up of professors who have been working jointly on projects, as well as for new researchers. Its main research interests are: the structure of communication and local television in the Basque Country; television minority languages in Europe (both regional as immigration languages); and communication and collective identity. In the coming years we intend to move forward on these lines of research, conducting new projects. We also intend to intensify our international relations, by means of participation in international events, research stays in other centres, and inviting other researchers to ours. Another area of action is to encourage new researchers, by supporting the ongoing doctoral thesis and trying to attract new researchers. Finally, the diffusion and return to society is also part of our planning.

The group is currently formed by eight professors from the Department of, as well as a seven research fellows (pre and post doc) and one employed researcher. It also takes part in EMAN, Unity for Training and Research, together with the research groups Parte Hartuz and AFIT, from the UPV/EHU.

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