2015 Yearbook of Basque Media presented

The 2015 Yearbook of Basque Media was presented in the past 7th of December, in the framework of the Basque Disc and Book Festival of Durango. It is one of the early outcomes of the Observatory of the Basque Media, created by Hekimen (the association of non-government Basque language media) in collaboration with the UPV/EHU, Mondragon University and University of Deusto. The yearbook includes  works by different research groups in the three universities, as well as articles by Alberto Barandiaran and Lorea Agirre. It aims to be a contribution for a radiography of the Basque language communication system.

It is still to be cleared if it will be a yearly or a two-yearly book, but it has indeed been born to be continued in the future.

More information (in Basque) here.

Download the book (in Basque) here.