A member of the NOR Group finds a 3D film recorded in Euskal Herria in 1936

Josu Martinez, a member of the NOR Research Group, has found the film in an archive in Paris. The film was produced in 1936, using the 3D technology invented by Luois Lumière at the time. Since the projection required an adapted room, its diffusion was very limited. Now, thanks to the collaboration between Loraldia festival and NOR group, it will be available for watching in different places of Euskal Herria during this March. Using anaglyph glasses (with red and blue lenses) is required in order to enjoy the 3D effects.

The film lasts 22 minutes, and has a soundtrack composed of Basque music and songs. It covers various aspects of life in the northern Basque Country, from the rural areas to the tourism in coastal areas.

More information here (in Basque or Spanish).