Young people and memories of the Basque conflict: Samara Velte’s doctoral thesis.

Samara Velte, a member of the NOR research group, analyzes in her doctoral thesis (Understanding the mediated memories of the Basque conflict: a discursive analysis of young people’s perceptions and positioning strategies towards their collective past) how young people are building up their memory of the past armed conflict.

Through a discursive analysis and after interviewing some forty young people, Samara has drawn a series of conclusions in her thesis. Among other things, she reaffirms that young people are building the memory of the armed conflict. Although the opposite is often thought out, young people pay attention to this past, but sometimes do not feel legitimised to talk about it, or are not given that possibility. In this sense, she raises the need to collaborate in the construction of memory.

The quality of the thesis has been praised by the Evaluation Committee and the event has become an intense and high level colloquium.

The thesis work has been supervised by Aitzpea Leizaola and Josu Amezaga, both of them from the UPV/EHU.

The members of the Evaluation Committee were Ane Larrinaga (UPV/EHU), Lupizinio Iñiguez (UAB) and Joana Etxart (UPPA).

It has been appointed as international thesis, and was defended on June 28, 2023.