Northern basque students of the Journalism in Basque degree visited us

This new degree started this school-year based on the collaboration between three universities, eight media and the Basque Language Public Agency (see Yearbook article). After making a diagnosis of the presence of basque language in the media of Ipar Euskal Herria, a process started to reach an agreement between 12 agents (universities, local government, media) and in September 2023 began the degree for 12 students in Baiona. The convention includes the universities of Bordeaux IJBA-UBM, UPPA de Pau and the UPV/EHU of the CAPV (represented by two members of the NOR research group) and Euskal Irratiak, Herria, Kanaldude, France 3, France Bleu, EITB, Mediabkask and Hitza. During the course a week-long stay has been held in Bilbao and several practical works and visits have been carried out in different media and institutions.