Behategia (Basque Media Observatory) analyzes the audiences of streaming platforms in Basque Country

Data has been published publicly as part of “Streaming and Linguistic Diversity Platforms” table organized in Tabakalera. Analysing the results of CIES surveys from 2018 to 2021, Basque Media Observatory has focused on the number of subscribers, the most widespread platforms, differences by age range and the effects of language knowledge.

It should be noted that half of the population is already subscribed to some streaming platform in Hego Euskal Herria (six out of ten between 35 and 54 years, seven out of ten between 25 and 34 years and almost eight out of ten between 14 and 24 years). Most subscribers are aged 35-55, with Netflix being the most subscribed platform (85% of subscribers have a Netflix account). Likewise, the greater the knowledge of the Basque, the greater the propensity to subscribe, with the new speakers group having the highest level of subscription to a streaming platform.

The full study is available on the Basque Media Observatory website, accompanied by significant graphs.