Libe Mimenza makes a thesis on digital analytics of Basque media

Libe Mimenza Castillo, a researcher of the NOR group, has defended the doctoral thesis entitled “Analysis: diagnosis and proposal to measure the digital environment of the Basque media”. She has analyzed the reality of the web traffic measurement tools of the media that publishes in Basque, based on projects developed in collaboration with Behategia (The Observatory), the media association Hekimen and the Euroregion and has presented, in addition to the diagnosis, a practical proposal for collecting and reading digital traffic.

The thesis presented in Basque and English has an international character and represents an important contribution in the field of digital analysis of communication in Basque. In this way, it has taken a firm step towards deepening this field and building new instruments.

The thesis director was professor of the UPV/EHU Edorta Arana and the evaluation table was formed by PhD Josu Amezaga Albizu (UPV/EHU), PhD Elixabete Perez Gaztelu (DU) and PhD Igor Calzada (Cardiff University).